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America is waking up to Daybreak USA!

Daybreak USA, America’s longest running morning magazine show, is an approach to morning news/talk syndication that features a wide variety of topics—fresh every day. The show is designed to touch the practical parts of your listener’s life: health, entertainment, money, parenting, elderly care, health insurance, employment, and more. When taken with USA Headline News, Daybreak USA is an excellent combination of hard, balanced news with plenty of interesting and engaging subjects. The only morning show in America hosted by a woman; news veteran Angie Austin brings a positive, upbeat presentation. The show engages a diverse audience of men and women in the 25-54 year old age demographic—perfect for your ratings and revenue profile.

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Hosted by: Angie Austin
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Keith Mak | 602-920-3582 |

Beth Maranville | 770-843-2009 |

Wendell Gafford | 616-450-4176 |

Bryan Dawson | 720-737-2950 |

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