Treehouse One

Christian Radio for Kids!

Mrs. Debbie Eckelbarger hosts Treehouse One, a show that encourages kids to participate in the program. Kids get to listen to Christ exalting programming while studying their bibles and having fun! Ms. Debbie and the Treehouse One team are overjoyed to have the opportunity to share the gospel with kids all over the nation.

Hosted by: Mrs. Debbie Eckelbarger
For more information contact:

Keith Mak | 602-920-3582 |

Beth Maranville | 770-843-2009 |

Bryan Dawson | 720-737-2950 |

Delivery: M-F : 6PM – 8PM EST on Unity 4000 | SAT 12PM – 3PM EST on Unity 4000 | SUN 6AM – 9AM EST on Unity 4000 | FTP Download
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