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Every hour on the hour, the USA Headline News service delivers an award-winning 5-minute news broadcast.

USA Headline News is convenient with delivery at the top and bottom of the hour for commercial and non-commercial broadcasters available on the Unity, XDS, or FTP delivery.

  • USA Headline New is balanced in a world of agenda filled news reporting.
  • USA Headline News fits into your programing with 2 minute, 3:30, and 5:00 top of hour cast along with at 2 minute bottom of the hour.
  • USA Headline News produces updated sports every hour on the Unity, XDS, FTP at 45:00 (3 minutes) 
  • USA Headline News is issues driven. If it’s happening we’re reporting.
  • USA Headline News is worldwide with a news bureau in Israel.
  • USA Headline News goes past the headline with in-depth reporting on other news affecting Americans.
  • USA Headline News is supported by expert commentators.
  • USA Headline News is supported by Associated Press.
  • USA Headline News is well-rounded with anchors in every part of the country.
  • USA Headline News is diverse with reporters in Texas, Mississippi, Iowa, Colorado, Tennessee, and Washington DC.



Every hour at 5 before the hour USA Headline News delivers the same award-winning news broadcast in a non-commercial 4.5 minute newscast.

Hosted by: USA Headline News
For more information contact:

Keith Mak | 602-920-3582 |

Beth Maranville | 770-843-2009 |

Bryan Dawson | 720-737-2950 |

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